New Tavern To Go In At Dexter Yard

BioMed Realty to put in a new drinking establishment at their development, Dexter Yard.
The owner of Musashi's is opening Izakaya in order to bring something this area has yet to be exposed to.
Popular dumpling house will now be getting a Woodinville location.
19th century whiskey brand to become the main focus at decade old distillery.
Co-Owners are expanding to Seattle with their unique, Latin fusion cuisine.
New take-away restaurant going in at Mason & Main in Downtown Seattle.
A full remodel will be required to turn what used to be a barbershop into a restaurant.
No plans for any changes to the University Place neighborhood bar with the takeover.
A new restaurant will soon be introduced by Todd Ward and famous award-winning chef.
Jeff and Helen Fraychineaud will soon open their second pizza shop.
Twin brothers are turning their passion for wings into something permanent in Belltown.
Owner of Bourbon Street Bar and Grill is expanding with his second project.
From Greenwood to White Center, the music venue jams on.
Minor upgrades are being made with no plans to change the local pub otherwise.
Co-Owners are excited for an official home after eight years running as a pop-up.
Taproom to get its second location located at Shared Roof.
Experimental wine connoisseur is bringing his bottle shop and consulting business to the Seattle area.
Critically acclaimed sandwich shop will very soon be available with your favorite brew from Project 9 Brewing.
10-year-running taproom to move east from their current location in Georgetown.

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