Three Monks Distillery Relocates to a New Woodinville Address

The term "brandy" is derived from the Dutch word "brandewijn," which translates to "burnt wine."
Three Monks Distillery Relocates to a New Woodinville Address
Photo: Three Monks Distillery on Facebook

Three Monks Distillery will soon relocate within the Woodinville area from its current location at 16507 140th Pl NE Ste B to a new facility situated at 16725 140th Ave NE, according to recent permit filings.

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A representative of Three Monks Distillery did not immediately return What Now Seattle’s request for comment.

While an official opening date has yet to be confirmed, and the overall information is limited, the company’s Facebook prides itself on the handmade creation of fine brandy. Brandy, a spirit derived from distilled wine or fermented fruit juice, undergoes a meticulously orchestrated journey to acquire a refined taste and character. Distillation involves carefully heating the base wine, and separating the alcohol from any impurities. The resulting distillate, known as eau de vie, showcases the essence of the grapes or fruits from which it originated.

In order to develop more unique flavors and traits that connoisseurs can enjoy could include aging their eau de vie in oak barrels. This maturation process establishes a harmonious interaction between the spirit and the wood, allowing the brandy to assimilate the oak’s flavors while undergoing subtle chemical changes.

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