Maple Valley Will Soon Have a Sweet Addition With the Opening of a Different Location For Uva Furem Winery

According to Uva's website, they are the 1,000th winery in Washington State.
The Azores Islands are home to the Lagoa das Sete Cidades, a twin lake with one part being blue and the other green.
Crystallography Gems store is currently located in Downtown Seattle, according to their Instagram biography.
Spice Waala also hosts its "Bhojan Program," where they partner with Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, Mary's Place, and other organizations to provide 200 meals per week.
Khmer cuisine refers to the nearly-two-thousand-year-old culinary tradition of the Khmer people, according to Google.
According to Wine Shop Vashon's Instagram biography, they describe themselves as a "cottage wine shop."
When translated from Spanish to English, "mis raices" means "my roots."

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